Double trouble in Valencia for bullheaded burglars


SPANISH bulls have reared their heads in the press once again, although this time around, they’re not being pitted in a bloody battle against man, but rather taking over as his best friend.

A scrap yard owner in the Valencian town of Montserrat, Emilio Cerveró, decided that he needed to beef up his security measures after his second hand auto parts business became a bull’s eye for sneak thieves who targeted the shop on seven separate occasions.

The guard dogs that Cerveró had previously put in place were apparently not cutting the mustard, as burglars had repeatedly ripped through his flimsy fence, releasing the dogs which had been appointed to stand sentry. In fact, Cerveró reported that four of his dogs had been killed since just the start of the summer. 


Recognising that he needed something a bit more fearsome, Cerveró had a sudden flash of inspiration, and decided to recruit two enormous toros bravos – the breed of bulls used in Spanish bullfighting – to fill the vacant slot left by the missing canines. He is now wagering that if any thieves try to invade his property again, they’ll get a bit more than they bargained for this time around.  

Cerveró also used the opportunity to take a potshot at the local council, as he claims that the wave of robberies initially kicked off after the council expropriated his land to build a new road, and a flimsy wire fence was erected where his perimeter wall used to be.


  1. I don’t think that is going to help him, as bulls are very gentle and loving animals and only act so vicious because of all the things they do them before the bullfight. Poor animals 🙁


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