Political leaders meet King Felipe VI to discuss government

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King Felipe VI receives Mariano Rajoy.

IN accordance with the decision taken by King Felipe, representatives of all parties in the lower house of the Cortes have been meeting with him to discuss the formation of a new government and on October 25, the representatives of the four main parties, together with the speaker, had their turn to meet with the king.

Following the decision reached by the leadership of PSOE to abstain from any vote of confidence in a government to be led by Mariano Rajoy it has now been confirmed that the vote of confidence will take place on Wednesday October 26 at 6pm and Mr Rajoy has also indicated that he would be prepared to discuss future areas of possible agreement with PSOE which is still the main opposition to the PP.

Assuming that the PP does return to power, the opposition will have a greater ability to try to influence the government and the most immediate and pressing matters will be the economy, the constitution, pensions and Catalonia.


There is bound to be a relatively long period of stability whilst PSOE sort out their own internal problems although many consider, that they could start reviewing their ‘support’ of the government in about 12 months-time if they feel that their public support has strengthened, especially if the European Union continues to criticise the Spanish deficit.


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