National police in Tenerife have arrested one of the most wanted men in Great Britain

© Crimestoppers
Detained criminal Mohammed Jahangir Alam.

Mohammed Jahangir Alam, a 33-year-old man originally from Bangladesh, was sentenced in absentia in 2010 to 14 years in prison for rape.

Police had been aware of his presence on the island since May this year and after five months of investigation by a specialized organised crime unit were able to track down the convicted criminal.

Mr Jahangir would frequently change his identity, job and address in a bid to escape the authorities before he was finally caught in the municipality of Arona.


A joint operation launched recently between Crime Stoppers, the National Crime Agency and Spanish police has been named Operacion Captura (Operation Capture in English). Its purpose is to track down criminals who fled the UK for Spain to avoid the consequences of their crimes.


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