Money raised to help children at San Pedro de Alcantara Fiesta

© Virginia Galdeano
Antonio Orozco in San Pedro.

GREATLY respected singer and composer Antonio Orozco played at the San Pedro Fiesta on the evening of Saturday October 22 and despite the heavy rain which finally arrived that evening, a large crowd turned out to enjoy the music and voice of the Spanish singer.

Although the concert was free, Antonio Orozco who is touring across Spain in the latter part of 2016 and 2017 asks every member of his audience to make a tiny donation of just €1.20 via SMS to angel 28015 and the money raised which is now well in excess of €5,000 is given to the Guardian Angels project.

This project employs ‘case managers’ who help parents who are having financial or general difficulties and guides them on how best to cope with their children to ensure that they are able to have an enjoyable and fulfilling life.


Their whole aim is to try to ensure that these parents who are going through difficult times are able to keep the children with them rather than see them placed into care which can so often lead to long-term difficulties and even a life of drug addiction or crime.



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