Baywatch style search and rescue

© Javea town hall
JAVEA: Local Police come to the rescue.

JAVEA police fined 248 boat-owners for occupying zones reserved for swimmers last summer.

Boats and jet-skis pose considerable risks when bathing, said Local Police superintendent Jose Antonio Monfort, although on 10 occasions officers also had to tell swimmers to leave zones where boats were allowed, “Very imprudent,” Monfort commented.

The superintendent said he was satisfied because the local force had achieved its goal of occupying the front line of the beach and providing a service where the concentration of tourists was highest. 


 This had not been possible until last summer when 12 interim officers were taken on, and the task was made easier with the acquisition of a jet-ski and launch, they were made available by the Denia Court which confiscated them during drugs and organised crime prosecutions. 

The Local Police used these craft to carry out 64 rescues off Javea, mostly for boats, but on six occasions they came to the aid of people in difficulties, three of whom were injured after tombstoning from local cliffs.


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