Payback time

Francisco Camps.

IN the 90’s, Carmen Guillen was a secretary at Caja Madrid which later begat Bankia.  She worked for bank president Jaime Terceiro but when Miguel Blesa took over she was shunted from one Head Office department to another.  She ended up in Operations which dealt with credit cards including the opaque ‘Tarjetas Negras’ that oozed undeclared perks for high-ranking bank officials. 

Accompanied by 63 others these have now landed Blesa and former Hacienda minister and Bankia president Rodrigo Rato in court.   

For years diligent Guillen held on to the paperwork linked to the cards and handed it over in 2014 when auditors unearthed the Black Cards.  It’s not revenge, Guillen was quoted as saying, but it’s certainly a dish that she’s eating cold and it must taste delicious.



Holiday spirit

ON October 12, Spain’s national holiday, a rash of graffiti and banners announced “There’s nothing to celebrate.” This anniversary celebrates Columbus’s landfall in Hispaniola, the island split between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. It heralded genocide in the name of God, last week’s protesters complained, and the Spanish certainly slaughtered in a knee-jerk, gut reaction to the heathen.

Nevertheless, around 90 per cent of the indigenous population who died succumbed to imported diseases like smallpox, although protesting about that is less graffiti-friendly than judging the 15th century by 21st century standards.


Never on Sunday

THE King recommences talks with political parties next week which suggests an investiture bid on Saturday October 29 or Sunday 30. They ought to leave it until the Monday which appropriately enough is Halloween – the right time for scaring MPs into doing their duty by Spanish voters and not themselves.


It suits you, sir

PLAGIARISM murmurings always overshadowed the 2012 doctoral thesis of Francisco Camps, ex-president of the Valencian Community. He once stood trial for accepting kickbacks of made-to-measure suits from the corrupt Gurtel setup which made much of its money organising Partido Popular events in the region.

In academic circles they are again asking how he managed to pull off the feat of writing a thesis in 23 months.   Others point out that the going rate for a made-to-measure doctoral thesis works out at €11 a page or approximately €3,300.  Peanuts compared with the €30,000 Camps allegedly paid for the suits whose bills were never found.




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