Malaga has a new saint

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GONZALEZ GARCIA: Worshippers and well-wishers have celebrated his canonisation by Pope Francis.

EVEN before the sun rose on Monday (October 17), worshippers and well-wishers arrived at the Plaza de San Pedro in Malaga to celebrate a momentous occasion for the city: the canonisation of a new saint. 

The day before, on Sunday (October 16) thousands gathered in Rome to watch Pope Francis canonise seven chosen figures, who originally hailed from such counties as Argentina, Mexico, and France, as well as one from Spain. The man in question, Manuel Gonzalez Garcia, was from Malaga.

Gonzalez Garcia was the Bishop of Malaga between 1916 and 1935. Thanks to his canonisation on Sunday, the city was filled with exuberance as priests, parishioners, family and friends congregated to share their excitement.  


Gonzalez Garcia will live on eternally in the Malaga Diocese, particularly among the priests, who upon his canonisation vowed they would aspire to carry their new saint’s generosity of spirit and devotion into their future endeavours.

Gonzalez Garcia was noted for founding the Eucaristic Missionaries of Nazareth in 1921, an organisation that has lived on until this day, with eight representatives currently residing in Malaga, where they practice at the Santo Cristo de la Salud Church. 


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