Hunters come under the magnifying glass

HUNTERS: Some residents have complained they have seen them wandering through their gardens.

RESIDENTS and council members in Vall de Gallinera have expressed concern about certain hunting practices which are allegedly occuring in the area.

Mayor Toni Pardo has argued that the hunters are in the habit of carrying out large-scale sweeps, but that they do not communicate when or where these sweeps will take place, which could potentially be dangerous for locals or tourists. He also argued that the sweeps occasionally take place outside of the delineated hunting areas, thereby making them illegal. 

Pardo further claimed that hunting is occurring too close to areas traversed by hikers and families. He said that some residents have complained they have seen hunters wandering through their gardens, armed and accompanied by dogs.

Pardo said he had brought the issue up with Miguel Gomis, the Alicante Provincial Council hunting representatative, but Gomis failed to deal with the situation adequately. Pardo now plans to bring the issue directly to Valencia Regional Government.

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  1. The hunters cause problems everywhere. In Jalon, we’ve been told it’s home owners’ responsibility to keep their dogs off our property following the dogs killing some pets.

    They appear to do whatever they like.


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