Furious at fast cars

LA GOLETA: Illegal races are taking place at night.

RESIDENTS of Almeria City’s La Goleta area are up in arms at the amount of cars flocking to the parking areas around the Mediterranean Games stadium for illegal races at night, especially at the weekends.

The local residents’ association has published videos on its blog and complained to the authorities about the situation, and representatives have reported that the races have been going on for some time now. Although the Local Police sometimes manage to catch the drivers and issue fines, the association feels this is insufficient and is pushing for measures to stop the races for good.

While the association believes that closing the accesses to the parking areas around the stadium at night would be a simple and effective solution, the council is not so sure.


Security councillor Juan Jose Alonso explained that the area is used as a market on Tuesdays and cleaners and stallholders need access at night and the matter would have to be studied in depth to determine how to close the accesses off and who would be responsible for doing so.


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