Scottish youngster saves pensioner from Mallorca drowning

ALCUDIA: Swimming skills always needed.

A SCOTTISH youngster is being hailed as a hero as she helped save an old lady from drowning while on holiday in Mallorca.

Shannon Strang even turned down a €5 reward from the gracious pensioner at the Alcudia beach last Wednesday. 

The courageous 12-year-old from Falkirk was out enjoying herself with a rubber ring when she caught sight of the elderly women in serious trouble desperately trying to stay afloat and zapped of energy as waves crashed over her.


Shannon swam out to meet her despite the danger, took off the ring and lassoed it around the lady’s head before pushing her back to shore.

Her mother Amanda had been completely unaware and said she heard applause on the beach and turned around to see Shannon being given a hero’s welcome, telling her “Mum, I just saved a wee lady from drowning.”

“I’m glad I had my swimming skills,” the youngster told the Scottish press. “You never know when you might need them.”


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