Man found dead on bench at Malaga airport with hands and feet bound


UPDATE: Latest information from the Spanish authorities suggest that the man was British and was found stripped from the waist down and may have been sexually assaulted and choke.

The Foreign Office is aware of the situation and is prepared to assist especially if the man’s identity can be established.

A man has been found dead on a bench near the train station at Malaga airport with one hand and a leg reportedly bound with plastic cable ties.


National Police are now investigating the circumstances behind the man’s death. A spokesman has revealed that clothes and a luggage cart were found at the scene.

The discovery was made by a passerby early on Friday morning who then alerted a security guard.

Police are anxious to view CCTV footage of the area in case the man is shown to have been attacked.

Detectives are awaiting the results of a post-mortem examination but some media reports have spoken of the man having been choked.

It is understood one of the man´s hands had been tied to the bench along with one of his legs. 

Police have not officially named the man or said where he came from, but he is said to be 51 years old.








  1. I am somewhat concerned that the Spanish Police have not caught the perpetrators of this incident, if this had been someone planting bombs in the airport, would it have taken this long to have accessed the CCTV, surely this place has CCTV covering the whole of the airport !!, this incident sounds like a stag prank went wrong ?


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