Napflix created to help you take an early siesta

© notarYES / Shutterstock
Siesta time with Napflix.

EVEN though the interim National government and some local councils are considering changing working hours in order to eliminate the siesta, there is still a need now to consider how to get to sleep quickly in order to gain the best rest from the break in the day.

A pair of friends from Barcelona, Victor de Tena and Francesc Bonet, have come up with the ideal online solution by creating Napflix which collects some of the most mind numbingly boring clips and programmes from YouTube with the intention that after a few minutes watching, you can’t help but feel drowsy.

They are a cheeky pair, as their logo imitates that of Netflix and one of the clips they have included shows a cricket match which, to a Spanish viewer, is bound to be completely incomprehensible.


There is quite a range of different programming running from sport (and the most recent England football matches could qualify), to lectures on Einstein, a chicken being cooked on a spit, really dire movies, classic opera (provided you keep the sound low) and a thrilling chess game.

All in all an interesting concept which may not earn them any money but will give the pair plenty of free publicity!


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