Like a red flag to a bull, Madrid court overturns bull fighting ban

© paul.hartrick flickr
Going in for the kill.

ALTHOUGH only sparse details concerning the decision have been released, it was revealed on Thursday October 20 that the Constitutional Court in Madrid has overturned a law introduced in Catalonia in 2010 but which was not enacted until 2012 which banned bull fighting in the region.

Whilst the court recognises that the Catalan parliament has wide ranging powers including the control of the ‘sport’, it has determined in this case that the fact that bull fighting is seen as part of the Spanish national heritage means that the law can and will be overturned as only the Spanish government can make that decision.

It is a fact that the only regular bull fighting that took place in Catalonia was in Barcelona, but with the region looking to consider a referendum on independence and former and current politicians likely to be charged, not for corruption, but acting against the constitution, this ruling, brought about following PP complaints could actually work against the Spanish government.


There are plenty of people in Catalonia who are undecided about the question of independence, but many could be so infuriated by what they could consider an unnecessary and heavy handed decision that they could now be prepared to put their weight behind the independence call.

Catalonia was the second region of Spain to issue a blanket ban, following the decision by the Canary Islands to introduce their own ban 25 years ago in 1991 which appears not to have been rescinded by the Madrid court.

As an aside, Juan José Padilla, known as the pirate following a 2011 goring in Zaragoza which left him partially blind in one eye was hit in the same eye in the same bullring almost five years after the initial accident this week.


  1. So it is unconstitutional to ban bull fighting but it is not unconstitutional to bring in the ley mordaza and make it illegal to have a go at a cop, film one in the course of their duty or take the piss out of the king. I think not. the constitutional court should be overturning this undemocratic and unconstitutional law, not a law which helped to prevent the unnecessary suffering of some very noble animals


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