Rains are on the way


THE rain in Spain is not falling mainly on the plain this week as a bag of cold air arrived in the province on Tuesday, leading to potentially almost a week of rains.

According to Aemet the State Meteorological Agency, rains are forecast throughout Alicante province until Sunday October 23. It comes following last week’s severe storms particularly affecting Alicante, Orihuela and Elche, with up to 10 litres of rainfall per square metre being recorded.

Temperatures this week are expected to remain stable between 18 and 24 degrees with warmer weather returning on Sunday. Jorge Olcina, director of the Laboratory of Climatology at the University of Alicante, explained “What happens is that there remains instability in the upper layers and surface winds will be from the East and Northeast. In these circumstances it is normal to have some showers and rain, but nothing extraordinary. As often happens in these cases, the Marina Alta will receive most of the rains.” 


After three consecutive years of drought the rains will be welcomed by the agricultural sector, but despite the forecast, the province is still officially on alert for drought. The Department of Agriculture has again recommended caution in agricultural burning to prevent forest fires, despite the summer ban now ending.


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