Interior Ministry publishes maps of terrorist activity in Spain

© Ministerio del Interior
FORTY-SEVEN: The number of arrests made so far this year, according to the Interior Ministry.

SPAIN’S Interior Ministry has added a pair of new infographics to the ‘Fight Against Terrorism’ section of its website,, which detail ‘Jihadist’ activity in the country.

Each depicts a map of Spain detailing the provinces and localities where anti-terrorism operations have been carried out, with one dedicated to 2016 and the other a summary of activities since 2012.

They will be updated as new developments occur and are intended to make information available to all ‘in the best way possible.’


In addition, there are three documents which list the number of prisoners linked to ETA and international terrorism residing in Spanish jails, plus a history of police operations and arrests related to Daesh both in Spain and the rest of the world since the 2004 train bombings in Madrid.

According to the Ministry’s press release, the maps have been published “to meet public and media demands on such an important issue.”


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