Fake meter readers arrested for theft from the elderly

© National Police
Some of the recovered jewelry.

A PAIR of crooks who pretended to be reading water meters and then stole from the properties of mainly elderly people in Chamberi, a suburb of Madrid have been arrested by officers of the National Police who also recovered some of their haul.

There has been an ongoing investigation since the beginning of the year when an elderly woman reported the disappearance of items of jewellery and officers started an investigation which soon gave them the information that the thieves were targeting elderly and infirm individuals.

One of the men kept the occupant talking whilst the other went around the property supposedly looking for the water meter but in reality looking for items of jewellery, cash or other small items that could be sold and then the pair would leave without completing any documentation.


So far, officers have identified seven thefts allegedly undertaken by these two men and have actually recovered a number of the pieces of jewellery that were stolen and now wait to see whether any other victims come forward.


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