Metropolitan Police getting ready for their move to new London HQ

© Metropolitan Police - Twitter
Removing the New Scotland Yard Sign.

AS THE Metropolitan Police get ready to move from their New Scotland Yard HQ in Victoria Street, they have tweeted an image showing the removal of the iconic New Scotland Yard revolving sign which is due to be installed at their new headquarters in the Curtis Green building on the Victoria Embankment, even though the building is to be renamed Scotland Yard.

The Victoria Street building was expensive to run and under-utilised so its sale for £370 million (€413 million)  to a middle-eastern purchaser will be used to update the 1935 built building which is already owned by the Metropolitan Police and has been ‘moth-balled’ since 2011.

Annual savings from the move are expected to be in the region of £6 million (€6.7 million) and there will also be a massive stamp duty payment to the government with the sale of the previous building.





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