Deja vu for French fighter as she narrowly avoids fresh goring

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HISTORY repeated itself for a bullfighter at the El Pilar Feria tournament in Zaragoza on Sunday (October 16), as she was knocked off her horse and sent flying into the warpath of her raging opponent.

The Frenchwoman, Lea Vicens, 31, was involved in a similar incident last year when a bull managed to unseat her from her horse during a bullfight in her hometown of Nimes. On that occasion, Vicens was gored by the animal, and she subsequently made waves when a photo of herself holding the severed ears of the bull surfaced on the internet. Animal rights groups expressed outrage, but Vicens was seemingly unfazed by both her brush with death and the subsequent media attention, and she didn’t take long before making her way back into the ring.

This time around, Vicens was a bit more fortunate. Competing in the La Misericordia bullring, she stabbed the bull twice through the back before the animal managed to knock her from her perch and sent her tumbling to the ground. The bull headed towards her and attempted to gore her as she lay in the dirt, but luckily, Vicens managed to scramble to safety. If history is any indication, she will likely be back on her horse in no time – much to the delight of bullfighting’s many aficionados, and the chagrin of its many opponents. 



  1. these people are not sportsfolk, nor are they brave. they are people who goad an animal and gradually weaken it to the point of exhaustion. after a kill they parade around like poncing bullies.
    cruelty to animals comes to mind.


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