Bullying hits new low

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MOTHER: Speaking out about incident which put daughter in hospital.

POLICE were called to a Mallorca primary school after an eight-year-old girl was badly beaten by a gang of children and taken to hospital.

The young girl had suffered from bullying in the past but the vicious assault by 12 classmates saw the National Police launch an investigation into the incident, and even the Palma town hall intervene to condemn what happened. 

The incident took place at a school in the downtown neighbourhood of Son Roca and at least six of the attackers have been identified. All are aged under 14 and therefore immune from prosecution. 


Day later the Balearic education minister claimed that two teachers were present during the assault, which left the girl with a detached kidney, cracked ribs, and serious bruising after she was pinned to the ground and kicked repeatedly.  

Marti March has called for prudence and calm until the final results of the police investigation are known but the girl’s family called for immediate action and said she would never attend the school again.


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