Rafa Nadal holds serve in home match

RESPONSIVE NADAL: Paused to help a woman find her daughter.

RAFAEL NADAL stopped playing in the middle of an exhibition match in Mallorca after hearing a woman in the crowd calling desperately for her daughter. Sensing her panic he held his serve while the television cameras swept the arena before focusing on the distraught woman shouting for her daughter.

With that amplified attention security quickly managed to locate the missing youngster. She was reunited with her mother in a scene that brought tears to John McEnroe’s eyes and wild applause across the stadium.

Nadal maintained his steely composure and held his serve to help himself and doubles partner Mats Wilander defeat McEnroe and Carlos Moya 3-6, 6-3, 10-8. 


The spectacular match was held to celebrate the grand opening of Nadal’s new sports centre.


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