Go ahead for an ambitious project

ALICANTE:  Aid granted for investment into the Las Cigarreras area.

ONE of the most ambitious projects of Alicante is to receive an investment of 11 million euros in European aid, the amount will double with municipal funds added. There is a six-year plan for the renovation and investment in the Las Cigarreras area of the city, and the neighbourhoods between the Santa Barbara castle and San Fernando.

Las Cigarreras will become a state of the art multifunctional centre with the focus on performance. There will be four main areas of the plan, technologies, environmental, rehabilitation and, economic. In turn, these are divided into 12 lines of action, containing 45 specific projects.

The city requested 15 million euros of funding, but it is still the most well-supported and funded project in the region to receive the European funds. A total of 270 applications were made in Spain for the grants with 83 receiving funding.



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