University students no longer able to hold Saloufest in 2017

Pool party Salou

IT IS well known that in America, Easter in particular is a time when students leave college and meet en masse in places like Florida to party and have a generally drunken time but what isn’t so well known is that a British company called I Love Tour has been doing exactly the same thing, arranging for university students to spend a week or more away together to celebrate their breaks.

The company was set up by Sam Seward, because he had so much fun when a student and organizes what it describes as Sports Tours to Amsterdam, Croatia, Italy and Spain as well as other trips around Europe but whilst sports may be the excuse for the trips, the local council and hotels in Salou in Catalonia have made it clear that they don’t want parties of young Brits visiting any more.

It is said that the biggest sports are drinking, fighting, vomiting and having sex, so after 16 years of annual visits, I Love Tours have decided that life has been made so difficult that they are cancelling the 2017 jaunt.


According to the company, they have brought sever million euros each year to the town but have recently found that their groups of visitors have been made less and less welcome and they announced the news on their website with the following statement;

“ILOVETOUR can confirm that after 16 incredible years, we will not be running Saloufest in 2017.

We apologise to those loyal customers who had set their hearts on experiencing the legend of Saloufest one more time in 2017. Our phenomenal Croatia and Italy festivals are still operating as normal, though we urge customers to get their bookings in ASAP as space is running low.”

Some in Salou see this as good news as they will hopefully enjoy a quieter life whilst others who run businesses which attracted the students are less happy.

One thing is sure, this is a Spanish town that will no longer complain about the behaviour of British youth at Easter.


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