IKEA green light?

ALICANTE DEBUT: The controversy is over where to locate the store.

DESPITE all the hesitation and commotion, IKEA looks set to debut in Alicante after all. The giant Swedish multinational furniture outlet has been eyeing the Costa Blanca city for quite some time but its desires have been thwarted by local debate over the how’s and where’s. 

After a meeting with Valencia region president Ximo Puig, Alicante mayor Gabriel Echavarri has said it is time to start listening to the popular furniture leviathan’s proposals. Whether the city wants IKEA or not has been incontrovertible as the proposed 80,000 square metres would be a massive local economic boost. 

The controversy is over where to put it, and how to ensure that the shady corruption which often accompanies Spanish construction deals is prevented from dirtying the deal. 


Lagunas Rabassa remains the mayor’s favoured site for what would be the Swedish company’s 40,000th store. 



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