Concerns and frustrations in Torrevieja

PARK CONCERN: The La Siesta park remains abandoned and continues to become an unsightly wasteland area.

THE PP party in Torrevieja welcomed residents to their first sub-committee meeting, offering an opportunity to get an insight into the current situation of the city’s politics.

Hosted by former mayor Eduardo Dolon and councillor Rosario Martinez at Restaurant Campobello, El Chaparral, the pair fielded a range of questions from residents all eager to know what is happening with their adopted home.

Dolon and Martinez explained that the 2016 budget was not approved by the plenary council meeting as it was substantially less than last year’s meaning there was no investment or funds available for areas such as charities, aids and school buses.


This extra money was wanted by the mayor to be spent on purchasing rubbish trucks so the city can run the collection service in house, prompting questions by the groups to ask why the mayor is “so obsessed with rubbish.”

Rosario explained the mayor reports he can save €13 million by running the rubbish collection rather than contracting it out but this figure has not included the initial outlaw of purchasing the rubbish trucks.

The stagnant situation of the La Siesta park continues to be a concern for local residents of the urbanisation as once again they called for work to be done.

Even if the original plan is scrapped, residents want the wasteland area cleared to give a tidier appearance and to prevent a potential fire hazard.

Dolon and Martinez noted the requests of citizens and their concerns as they also expressed their frustration at the lack of action being taken by the new ruling council within the town hall: “They have done nothing this past year but look for something wrong and to target the PP but they have found nothing.”

It was commented: “Torrevieja is not a little town any more but it is being ruled with a little town mentality.”


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