Loads of bargains

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Eurowings flying twice weekly.

PASSENGERS wishing to fly from Malaga airport are becoming increasingly spoilt for choice as low-cost airlines increase their routes to and from the coast.

Lufthansa group announced this week that its low-cost branch Eurowings, will be flying between Malaga and Vienna twice a week this winter and Brussels Airlines will run once-weekly flights from Malaga to Brussels.

Meanwhile Volotea airline announced celebrations after reaching nine million passengers and will be selling bargain tickets to all its destinations with prices starting at nine euros until Sunday, October 9.


As of July 2017, Volotea has announced it will be adding Venice and Palermo in Italy to the flights it operates from the Costa del Sol.

Since it began flying from Malaga in 2012, the young airline has flown 160,000 people to and from the coast and expects to sell more than 116,000 tickets next year for more than 800 flights.

The airline currently has flights between Malaga and Asturias, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Nantes.



  1. This news, in my opinion, is fantastic. Making prices low-cost will attract more passengers, and eventually increase profits for the companies. All too often, we see companies in all industries keep high prices, which turn away customers, lowering their profits, and causing them to raise prices again, which spirals out of control and see many go into liquidation. Finally, at least SOME companies are grasping the fact that LOWERING prices brings more custom, and therefore, more profit over time.


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