Spain formally invites UK to enter into joint sovereignty negotiations on Gibraltar

© UN Photo/Rick Bajornas
Ambassador Marchesi.

ADDRESSING the United Nations 4th Committee which deals with ‘decolonisation’ matters on October 5 Spanish Ambassador Román Oyarzun Marchesi said that Britain should now enter into formal joint sovereignty negotiations over Gibraltar.

He said that if an agreement could be reached, then it would be to the benefit of both Gibraltar and the whole Campo area which would allow Gibraltar to remain within the European Union and give Gibraltarians the opportunity to obtain dual nationality.

According to the Ambassador, Gibraltarians would keep their EU rights under joint sovereignty, specifically free movement of labour and capital. He said their proposal would ‘unblock’ EU legislation on issues including aviation and the environment which continues to be a strange argument as far as other members of the EU are concerned as EU legislation is being blocked as part of a negotiating tool.



  1. Given that the majority of Gibraltarians voted to Remain in the EU it would be interesting to know how they would feel about the idea of joint sovereignty. Would they be for it or against it? Who knows?

    In the past they have voted overwhelmingly to stay British and keep Spain at arms length but would they be willing to compromise now in order to keep Gibraltar’s special status but also remain in the EU? Only a short time ago the very idea of joint sovereignty with Spain would have been laughable, but we are living in very strange political times now post Brexit.

    The often nasty attitude of some Spanish politicians towards Gibraltar is well known, but with this new development will the British Government take the opportunity to grasp the nettle or ignore it? Could another referendum be on the cards for Gibraltar? Only one thing’s for sure. Nothing will happen until Spain gets a fully functioning government of its own!


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