Record number of migrants rescued by Guardia Civil in Mediterranean

© Guardia Civil
One of the rescued RHIBS.

THE Guardia Civil Rio Segura vessel serving in Italian waters as part of Operation Triton has reported that it has rescued 1,258 migrants who were drifting in 11 RHIBs off of the north coast of Libya.

Among those rescued was a pregnant woman who had to be urgently evacuated to Rome as she was suffering spasms and there was some fear for her life whilst another person was found to have a broken humerus and was treated on board the Rio Segura.

One of the boats was taking in water and without the involvement of the Guardia Civil crew it is likely that all 20 of its occupants would have drowned.


This is the now the largest rescue of migrants undertaken by these officers, who had to radio for assistance as they were unable to cope with the sudden arrival of 968 men, 58 women and 232 children so that many were taken off by a vessel operated by the charity Medecins Sans Frontiers.

All of those rescued were given life jackets, water and food before being transported to land.


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