Airlines warn of phishing scam


WOULD-BE tourists are being warned not to fall for the latest scam involving fake British Airways and Flybe holiday promotions.

Flybe has warned customers of the dodgy offers which are being posted on Facebook in a competition page named ‘Get 2 Free Flybe Airline Tickets on its 20th Birthday.’ The company has told customers not to click on any links involving competitions or offers for its flights unless they are posted on the official Flybe Facebook page. They suspect it could be a phishing tactic to steal personal information. Users have been advised to report the fake competition immediately to Facebook if it pops up on their timeline.

Meanwhile, British Airways has been targeted in a scam which involves fraudsters sending out fake emails under the company’s name offering the chance to win £1000 worth of flights. Recipients of the shady emails are asked to choose their ‘ideal destination’ for a holiday by clicking on an interactive map. This then sends their personal information to the fraudsters. Users have been advised to delete such emails immediately and report the senders as spam.



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