Irish fugitive arrested by airport

© Tupungato/Shutterstock
ALICANTE AIRPORT: The suspect was waiting to pick someone up.

AN unnamed Irish man has been arrested near Alicante-Elche airport in El Altet.

National Police made the arrest as there was a European Arrest Warrant issued for the man who is accused of committing 11 crimes and faces two possible life sentences in Ireland. He is also alleged to have been part of a criminal gang that kidnapped two people and carried out a robbery of over €100,000 from an armoured van that was transporting money in Ireland. Those kidnapped were released seven hours later but the money has never been recovered.

Suspecting he was hiding out in Alicante, an investigation and search was launched which led to his arrest while he was waiting in his car for an acquaintance.


The detainee faces two possible life sentences for the crimes of robbery and illegal detention and up to 62 years on charges of illegal possession of weapons and for being part of a criminal organisation.

The man will report to the National Court in Madrid.


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