Nipped in the bud


NATIONAL POLICE in Alicante are searching for a trio of shady individuals who broke into a house owned by two brothers in order to steal their illegal marihuana plantation.

According to police sources, a number of calls were placed on the afternoon of Friday, September 23, warning them that a robbery was taking place at a private property in the Villafranqueza neighbourhood.

As patrols arrived at the scene and made their way into the building, they discovered two men, aged 31 and 52, respectively, lying bruised and battered on the floor, their ankles and wrist bound with cable ties.


The victims recounted that three masked men brandishing firearms had broken into the house in order to steal money, but had scarpered when the alarm was raised.

However, when the officers came across a cannabis plantation comprising 29 plants, each around two metres high, plus five kilos of prepared buds and a precision scale, they concluded that the illicit vegetation was the true target of the would-be thieves.



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