Modern-day slavery

VINEYARD WORKERS: Were forced to work in the hot fields.

AN investigation has opened into two people allegedly exploiting illegal immigrants in Montforte del Cid. The two family members, aged 50 and 60, are accused of crimes against the rights of workers on their vineyard.

The victims are North Africans aged between 20 and 30 years, who were performing all sorts of tasks on the vineyard. It is reported they endured slave-like conditions, having to work up to 13 hours straight with limited breaks, and being paid ‘well below’ the minimum wage. They were forced to work in the hot fields with only limited water to drink and no food, while on many occasions they had to walk back from the farm to Monforte as the boss did not come and collect them.

It is claimed that the workers did not want to report the situation to the authorities as they were residing in Spain without paperwork and did not want to risk being deported.




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