Lateness leads to lost aid

TORREVIEJA: Grant aid lost as application not filed in time.

THE PP party has accused the local government of Torrevieja of losing more grant opportunities for the city.

PP Councillor, Carmen Gomez, said the Municipal Government, “has again lost another grant for failing to file the necessary documents on time.” 

Gomez explained that in this case, the call was made by the Delegation of Alicante for granting aid for conservation and improvement of municipal natural areas of the Province, with grants available of up to 40,000 euros. 


The actions covered by this grant included the conservation of local biodiversity, fixing populations of native fauna and flora, and fire prevention by clearing forests.

Gomez said, “Unfortunately the city of Torrevieja will not benefit from the subsidy because their application was dismissed, having been filed out of the time period.” She added, “We must not forget they have already lost  1.5 million euros  in aid, which is a scandal.”


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