The McApple monster


BRITISH news journal the Financial Times has reported on a possible acquisition of Formula One superpower McLaren by reigning technology behemoth Apple. 

McLaren has dismissed reports they have been engaged in talks with Apple over a potential €1.7 billion takeover, a figure that would be make a miniscule dent in the iPhone maker’s budget, but alluded to ‘regular’ and ‘confidential’ conversations with unnamed parties. 

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Although speculative at this point, if the move did go ahead it would make financial and technological sense for both parties. There have long been suggestions that the Silicon Valley outfit is hoping to add an ‘iCar’ to its iPhone, iMac and multifaceted range. 

Project Titan, Apple’s self-driving car effort is notoriously troubled and adding McLaren’s carbon fibre and electric propulsion expertise to its brand would help Apple successfully infiltrate a highly competitive market. 

Both firms are renowned for their innovative character and a hard sale would certainly benefit the loss-making British manufacturer financially, while Apple might avoid paying hefty US taxes on foreign profits by buying a UK-based company with offshore funds.


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