Firms offered new Euro-HQ base

MALAGA: Promoting itself as the place to be for British businesses.

THE aftermath of the Brexit referendum result continues to ripple through the world of business with the uncertainty making long term planning and investment decisions difficult.

But the critical issue is whether those UK-based firms will find ‘walls’ erected to them trading with continental Europe, once Article 50 has finally been rolled out.

In a bid to offset this uncertainty the city of Malaga is stepping into the void, styling itself as the place to come for those firms that won’t wait to decide where their new European HQ will be, and want to relocate as soon as possible.


At an event planned for October 4, Malaga Town Hall is joining up with the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

The aim is to highlight the opportunities for inward investment offered by the city and to discuss current thinking on the issue in the business world.

The event, ‘Brexit Challenges and Opportunities for Malaga’s Economy,’ kicks off at the Yard Flags, Malaga City Hall. 




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