UK and Spanish Governments pressured by political group to tackle drunks on flights

© Usien - Wikimedia

A PROPOSAL has been put forward by political group MÉS per Mallorca, ‘More for Mallorca,’ who are pressuring the UK and Spanish governments to introduce booze-free flights, as well as a blacklist of drunken passengers.

The group insists the initiative is not an attack on British holidaymakers specifically, but on so-called ‘binge tourism’ in general. 

Spokesman for More for Mallorca, Antoni Reus, said: “The proposals go hand in hand with measures to clamp down on binge tourism and drunken tourists, irrespective of their nationality, origin and destination.”

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The move is inspired by the actions of the airline Ryanair on their Glasgow-Ibiza route, where alcohol was banned after a series of incidents.


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