New rules for markets


STREET markets in Almeria City are under the spotlight with a new by-law on roaming commerce approved at a council session last week to regulate activity within the sector.

The new regulations, drawn up by the development, commerce and beaches department in collaboration with the opposition and Fecoam commerce federation and is expected to come into effect by the end of this year as promised.

Department head Carlos Sanchez explained that the new by-law, which follows European and regional standards, includes changes to licences, which holders will find easier to transfer to others and which will last for 15 years as opposed to the current four.


An annual calendar will also be drawn up to clearly state the days markets will be permitted, another frequent request from stallholders in the past.

The new regulations include fines for different offences ranging from minor, which will result in €1,500 fines or a month’s ban from work, to very serious with fines of more than €18,001 or three month’s ban from work.

Offences will include failure to keep market places clean and tidy, which will be considered a minor offence for first time offenders but will increase in severity if repeated.


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