Farewell to the Lancer legend

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition.

MITSUBISHI’s Lancer Evolution is officially off the market after the last model of the final edition was sold in a charity option, meaning that all 1,600 commemorative models have vanished into private hands in less than a year. 

Model number 1,600 was put up on eBay in early September and eventually sold for just shy of €70,000 to a stateside buyer, more than double the listed price for the already legendary 2015 car. 

With a five-speed manual gearbox, turbo-charged 2.0 litre engine with 303hp the Lancer Evolution was popular among motorheads who were dismayed at the Evolution model’s retirement, although Mitsubishi has said it may keep the Evo nameplate for the next generation of (very different) rally cars.



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