King Juan Carlos accused of trying to pay to have charges against Princess Cristina dropped

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King Juan Carlos in Columbia.

IT is reported in El Mundo that former king, Juan Carlos – who is currently representing Spain at the signing of the peace agreement in Cartagena Colombia between the government there and FARC  – attempted to persuade the union Manos Limpias (Clean Hands) to drop their case against the Infanta Princess Cristina in the Noos case by offering them €2 million.

According to the Spanish newspaper which says that it has a recording of a conversation between the head of the union, his lawyer and an intermediary identified as Íñigo Cotoner, Marquis of Mondéjar, the offer was a cash payment so that it couldn’t be traced but this was rejected by the union although not before the intermediary allegedly stated that the offer came from the former king.

Ironically, both the chairman of the union Miguel Bernad and the attending lawyer Virginia Lopez are currently both being investigated for alleged misappropriation of funds and money laundering.



  1. I wouldn’t know if we should believe this or not, I couldn’t think that the King would attempt this unless he is very nieve or like most other Spanish that bribe… they couldn’t give a toss if they are found out or not because generally I find they have no shame in being found out or not, in fact my feeling of the Spanish in general is that they actually don’t understand what shame is or the adverse affect it might have on your standing, I say might because if you haven’t got any shame and your country folk don’t either then what is there to worry about 🙂


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