Council plans to reopen aquarium

AQUARIUM PLANS: Criticised by Ecologists in Action.

PLANS to reopen the Plaza Nueva Aquarium in Alicante City have been criticised by conservation organisation Ecologists in Action.

They issued a critical report on environmental consequences it may have for the marine fauna in the aquarium. After studying the project, they said the City would be violating the state and regional regulations regarding the conservation of the fish. 

The council aims to reproduce some ecosystems of the Med in six tanks with 20,000 litres of salt water. The aquarium would be the only one in Europe with salt water not connected directly to the sea, which the environmental group said would make it expensive and unsustainable for fish survival criticising the high maintenance cost of around €28,000 a year. They also anticipated trouble acquiring species as many are protected.


The attraction has been closed since August 2015 after all the fish died due to a failure by the then management company.



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