Malaga road tolls ‘among highest in Spain’

The AP-7 toll road, also known as the Autopista del Mediterraneo.

TOLL roads in Malaga are among the most expensive in Spain during high season, it has been revealed. The province’s toll roads are beaten only by certain stretches in the Balearics, Barcelona, Vizcaya and Madrid. 

Driving on the Las Pedrizas (AP-46) and Costa del Sol (AP-7) motorways during high season costs 17 cents per kilometre, whereas driving the same distance on the toll road between Sevilla and Cádiz costs just seven cents all year round.

A study carried out by European motoring group (AEA), on toll roads in Spain during the year 2016, showed wide differences in price depending on the time of year, the day of the week and even the time of day when the car trip is made.


Toll road fees are regularly hiked during summer holidays and Easter, some of them almost doubling in price during high season.


  1. They would get far more traffic on these roads, especially the A7, if they lowered the price to a more normal level. When we drive on this road to Gibraltar there is hardly any traffic at all.

  2. This has been annoying me for some time now. Ok we all know that every part of Spanish life loves to fleece the tourists by upping prices at holiday times but over 7 euros to travel from Fuengirola to Marbella at one point really took the biscuit! However this trend is not restricted to the roads, our favourite little beach restaurant’s meals doubled in price over summer and when asked why they confirmed it was “for the tourists”. We told them we would see them in the winter when prices had returned to normal. The infamous shrug was the result so perhaps we won’t return. Their loss not ours.

  3. It might make sense to lower prices, but if more people used the local toll roads it would take much of the pleasure out of them! The N-340 is horrible in summer.


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