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MARBELLA: Site for a new five-star luxury hotel project.

ALREADY occupying a premier position among the world’s most luxurious destinations, Marbella is set to see its star shine even brighter, with the announcement that the Costa del Sol city will have one of the most ambitious hotel projects in history unfold on its soil. 

Platinum Estates, a Hong Kong based investment fund, has unveiled plans to build a five-star luxury hotel near the sand dunes of Real Zaragoza, a protected area of outstanding natural beauty. 

The move has been long in the making, but was only recently announced due to the tight secrecy and enormous funds involved. 


With an initial investment of 300 million euros, the project would mark the chain’s first foray into the Costa del Sol hotel scene, and become the largest luxury project in Marbella, no mean feat given the city punches well above its weight. 

Hoping to open its doors in the summer of 2019, the proposed hotel would have 600 beds across 151,000 square metres of prime land, and generate more than 1,000 jobs.

 With four floors and a modern architectural style, the bulk of the land will be used for green space and roads, as the developers will keep the area’s protected status. 


  1. So will these 1000 jobs mean that people will loose their jobs in other hotels in the area now? I personally can’t see the demand for a hotel such as this and feel that it would do more damage by taking customers away from existing ones! To add to this, it is stated “near a protected area” and that the hotel will keep the protected area… seems a very good way to harm a protected area, should any buildings not be kept well clear os a protected area such as these dunes, I can see whats going to happen here!
    Its a pit that businesses would not see the potential of investing 300 M in something that would attract “more” people to the area and so bring more revenue and not harm already allocated jobs!


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