Young blood for the council team

JOEL NOCHE: New councillor for San Fulgencio.

SAN FULGENCIO is due to welcome a new councillor to the government team, headed by Mayor Carlos Ramirez of the Popular Party (PP).

The appointment of 25-year-old Joel Noche, has been the talk of the town as Joel is a member of the opposition UPyD party. 

The situation is somewhat unusual in municipal politics because the PP have a majority, but Mayor Ramirez said, “We have opened the doors because he has shown that he is interested in the welfare of the people.”


Joel has spent the last year working for free within the municipal office in Urbanisation La Marina, under the guidance of councillor Paulino Herrero. He said the youngster has shown great promise and integrity,  “We looked at the person and not the party, and we felt he had a real value.”

Joel will be appointed councillor for Youth, Environment, and Animal Welfare, and will receive a part time salary of 850 euros a month. 

He is delighted to have been asked after being interested in politics ever since he was young. 

After the last elections he wanted to learn even more, and since then has been at the municipal office on a daily basis, inbetween being a waiter at a local restaurant and studying languages. 

He will remain part of the UPyD party for now, but is looking forward to getting on with the task in hand, “There are a lot of things that can be improved in the areas of youth and animal welfare, so I look forward to working on these.” 

He added that he has been surprised at how many people have visited the office on the urbanisation, but that he has acquired a deep knowledge of local policies and procedures. 

The young councillor is eager and willing to get ‘stuck in,’ and is targeting a long career in politics, which he hopes will ultimately lead to him being mayor one day.



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