Technology to change lives

SMART: It’ll soon be easier to navigate around the Island.

A BRAND new project aimed at transforming Mallorca into a ‘smart island,’ was officially launched at a Tuesday conference brimming with ideas on how to radically change local life for residents.

The proposed ideas include installing more and faster public wifi hotspots, weather stations, traffic flow sensors, smart parking and smart bus stops. 

‘Smart’ has become something of a technological buzzword in recent years, and essentially means enhanced interaction between objects, so bus stops would be able to predict timetables based on the latest traffic info, while digital road signs could indicate problems developing far ahead. 


With a budget just shy of nine million euros, ‘Mallorca: Smart Island,’ is an ambitious project that will also see an enhanced online platform for tourists, measures to improve energy efficiency, more transparent governance, and greater communication with the other Balearic Islands. 



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