Accessible app for Elche parking


ACCESSIBILITY issues are still one of the main complaints made by those with disabilities, in the urban environment they are faced with struggling to find lowered curbs, ramps, public bathrooms adapted for people in wheelchairs, and disabled parking spots. 

But now, a group of friends and students from Elche’s Miguel Hernandez University, have created ‘Disabled Park,’ a free mobile phone app to report the available parking spaces, and places with designated areas for people with disabilities, in municipalities throughout Spain.

In addition, through the app, users can also directly call the Local Police to make known the existence of unauthorised vehicles in spaces reserved for the disabled.


The app has already received numerous national awards and is being used in Spain as well as Italy, Portugal, and the UK.

It has been downloaded by a thousand users. The creators said they continually update it,  and will be launching an advertising campaign so that more people become aware of it.





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