Showing compassion

RAISING AWARENESS: Aiming to educate people to respect animals.

A PROVINCIAL grant of almost 14,500 euros is being used to castrate cats in Torrevieja.

Volunteers from Project CES (Catch, Neuter, Release), have begun this week to collect some of the hundreds of stray cats in the city, which will be taken to seven clinics authorised by the College of Veterinarians Alicante to be castrated at the subsidised price.

Councillor for Animal Protection, Carmen Morate, explained that the council provided a list of a whopping 70 colonies registered in Torrevieja.


 She said the volunteers of Project CES are concentrating on the colonies that bring conflict, either by location or because the neighbourhood is upset with the presence of cats, this year almost 300 hundred cats have been castrated along the coast from the Acequión to the Playa de los Locos. 

Morate said, “Unfortunately, the problem of feline overpopulation is not resolved in a year and this is a long-term project,” estimates suggest it could take four more years to get the rampant moggies under control.

Morate also called on citizens to display “a little understanding, patience, and tolerance to cats, they are defenceless animals that seek only to live in peace.”

 Orihuela is hosting the third ‘Day Against Animal Abuse and Neglect,’ on Saturday, September 24 in the Glorieta Gabriel Miro.

Councillor for Health, Noelia Grao, said the event aims “to raise awareness of the care and respect for animals,” while highlighting the work of animal charity Asoka.



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