Red, red wine the best in Spain


A WINE from Alora has been voted the best available in Spanish supermarkets, in the guide book, ‘Superwines 2017 The Supermarket Wine Guide,’ (Spanish, Los Supervinos 2017. La guía de vinos de supermercado).

The crianza Vega del Geva, produced by the Perez Hidalgo bodega, was voted the best red wine available in the country.

The prodigious plonk beat off competition from a whopping 980 other contenders to land the coveted position, with 151 other ‘supervinos,’ and 48 ‘megavinos,’ having also been selected for the book.


Not only is the tipple the only representative from Malaga included in the bible of booze, it is the first time that a wine from the Province has picked up the title.

The gushing review refers to an ‘unforgettable, near perfect wine from the Sierra de Malaga,’ and winery co-owner, Francisco Perez Hidalgo, appeared overawed by the acclaim, as he said, “This was something impossible, taking into account other denominations of origin from this country.”


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