Mega hotel set to dominate

ULTRA EXCLUSIVE: Malaga Port is the setting for a new luxury hotel complex.

FOLLOWING another change of direction, plans for a luxury hotel in Malaga’s port have now been endorsed by the city council and will shortly be made public.

The development is being backed by the Qatar-based Al Bidda Group and is expected to require investment of close to €120 million, with around 1,300 jobs created during the construction phase alone.

Al Bidda executives intend the complex, currently dubbed ‘Suites Malaga Port’ to be a ‘destination hotel,’ in that its very presence will attract new tourism opportunities for the provincial capital, although critics have said that it will ruin the historic skyline.

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The primary issue among sceptics is the proposed height, which at 135 metres will measure the same as nearby Mount Gibralfaro and dwarf every city structure. 

The 35-floor five-star hotel, expected to open by 2020, will feature 352 rooms, 485 parking spaces, a conference centre, luxury shopping mall, swimming pools, a spa, and possibly a  casino.

Architect Jose Segui opted for an elliptical design, to offer resistance to strong westerly winds which buffet the port.


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