Half-witted hikers oblige action

REGULATING ACCESS: To reduce fire risk and hopefully restore ecological value.

THE local councils of Nerja and Frigiliana have announced that they are working to regulate access to the famed Rio Chillar, the state of which has been progressively deteriorating in recent years.

The once pristine watercourse, which attracts countless visitors eager to walk up its picturesque channel and swim in the clear water, has become too popular for its own good.

Much of the marginal vegetation has been destroyed and rocks have been daubed with graffiti, although the main problem is the dumping of rubbish by uncaring walkers.


There is currently no control over the number of people entering the site, and parking is also unregulated, while the sheer number of people has made visiting the river a rowdy rather than peaceful experience.

The project to regulate access will apparently be incorporated within a scheme to reduce the risk of wildfires in the river’s valley, and the respective environmental departments also hope that the ecological value of the area can be recovered.


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