Two arrested in Madrid suspected of terrorist activity


AGENTS of the National Police arrested two people on Thursday September 22 in Madrid, who are accused of promoting jihadist terrorism, uttering threats and recruiting new members for terrorist purposes.

Both men have Spanish passports with one aged 27 and the other 18 and the investigation started when the older of the two was recorded as travelling to Turkey and then returned to Spain via Turkey and Hungary,

Whilst studying computer technology, he had come to the attention of the authorities when during a moment of silence for those killed in Paris on November 13 2015 he uttered a number of comments justifying the attack. In addition, he also made it clear that he supported Daesh and said that he intended to join Daesh and fight on its behalf. 


To add to all of this evidence, he appeared to have access to a number of pro-Daesh videos and even threatened teachers and fellow students that one day he would come to the school and kill them all.


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