Neymar Jr to appear in court accused of corruption

© Alex Fau flickr
Neymar Jr playing for Barcelona.

ALTHOUGH Lionel Messi was prosecuted for tax evasion, his Barcelona team mate, the Brazilian Neymar Jr had no charges laid against him following an investigation but on September 23, Spain’s National Court has called for the case to be re-opened with the intent that the player should be charged for corruption following an appeal from the prosecutor and commercial organisations.

The main argument is that the actual cost of his transfer from Brazilian side Santos to Barcelona was hidden because there were two parallel contracts and that a company that owned 40 per cent of Neymar’s earning DIS did not receive the correct payment but only a small percentage as the largest part of the transfer fee was hidden and paid to a company owned by his father.

The amount that DIS is said to have lost is at least €10 million and could be as high €30 million.


As earlier investigations have already taken place, the court has been instructed to ‘fast track’ any prosecution although at the moment it does not appear that there is any suggestion that taxes due within Spain have been avoided. 


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